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The proper gutter installations is essential to successful roof drainage. Many older homes in Cincinnati have a built-in gutter system also known as a "Box" or "Yankee" gutter. With over 40 years of experience and thousands of jobs under our belt we ensure a preoper long-lasting drainage system. With other systems such as seamless, we take the time to cut all of our own mitres and use a 4 ft level to guarantee gradual drainage. 

Built-In Gutters

Built-in gutters, today, are typically constructed in the same manner as they have been since the 18th century. They are wooden boxes with bottoms sloped toward the outlets where water is drained to leaders, or conductor pipes, that channel the water away from the building. The first gutters in this style were actually troughs or box gutters, carved out of wood, and rubbed with linseed oil or painted to protect the wood. Corners and seams were bonded with lead wedges. Needless to say, maintenance was critical to their success or failure. Later, the advent of sheet lead allowed for broader gutters, as linings covered the wooden troughs. By the end of the century, copper became available in the United States and a popular choice for gutter linings because of its durability and the functional nature of the material in a sheet metal application.

Careful inspection by a competent roofer is critical to the longevity and success of the system.  He will look for defects such as localized damage due to fallen limbs or other debris; cracks from expansion and contraction at joints or folds; or pinholes from corrosion.  Roofing tar and other bituminous compounds should never be used to parch, repair or coat gutter linings.  It makes the condition of the gutter indeterminable, corrodes metal linings, will crack and fail quickly, and cannot be removed without destroying the lining.  Ice damming is not uncommon in the winter but should not be removed with sharp tools for obvious reasons.Themost common sign of water penetration is peeling paint and decay in the wood soffit under the gutter. Other signs are dark stains and mildew, or deterioration of masonry.  Water infiltration may be visible in attic spaces or areas beneath the gutters where plaster and other interior finishes evidence water damage. The sooner a leak or area vulnerable to failure is addressed, the smaller the scope and cost of repairs.  Cleaning out leaves and debris from gutters as often as necessary is essential for durability and proper performance.


Seamless Gutters

Q. Do I need rain gutters?

A.Yes. Rain gutters prevent water from destroying many components of your home. Dripping rainwater can cause cracks in foundations & walkways. These cracks lead to costly repairs. The rainwater rots all the lower wood components on your home. This wet, rotting wood attracts termites & carpenter ants which need damp conditions to reproduce & thrive. Rain gutters also protect entrances from becoming wet & slippery.

Q. What are seamless gutters?

A. Seamless gutters are custom fitted, one-piece gutters manufactured at your home. They are far superior than sectional plastic or aluminum gutters bought at home improvement stores. Seamless gutters do not have in-line seams, which always fail. Seamless gutters are made of aluminum, copper or steel that will last for years.

Q. Do seamless gutters cause ice dams?

A. No, seamless gutters do not cause ice dams. Lots of money has been spent trying to solve the ice dam problem. All the current data indicates that ice dams are caused by heat loss & weather patterns. Many homes without gutters encounter ice dam problems worse than homes with gutters. By using appropriate flashings and ice guard you can virtually eliminate most ice damns.

Q. Do seamless gutters help with wet basements?

A. Yes. They direct all the rainwater from the roof away from your foundation reducing the amount of water that may collect around & penetrate the foundation.

Q. How are seamless gutters supported?

A. Gutters are supported by two key components, the screw & hanger. This combination makes up the most important component that insures the longevity of your gutter system. Because they’re a blind item to the buyer most overlook its importance. Most gutter companies use the cheapest screw & hanger they can find putting more profit in their pocket. Lee Sheet Metal & Roofing uses only Hidden Hanger & Wood Grip Screw, the strongest in the industry. This combination is the secret to our warranty. Any other combination is second best, accept nothing else!

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