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Metal is one of the strongest and most durable products known to man. Metal withstands the toughest weather conditions. With minimal maintenance required, offering long term value!

Q. How will a metal roof look on my home?

A. Metal roofing products are available in a wide varity of styles; tiles, shingles, shakes, and standing seam. These products are available in 6-30 color options depending on the style chosen along with custom options.    

Q. Does metal roofing affect the value of my home?

A. Metal roofing can actually add calue to a home during resale process. It has been documented that appraisal values of metal roofing versus standard asphalt shingles may add upwards of $4.50/sq. ft. to the home's value. This figure may vary depending upon the age of the shingle and if the home is a one or two story structure. 

Q. Do I need to remove my existing roofing material?

A. One of the benefits of metal roofing is that it is lifht weight - allowing it to be insalled over existing roofing material. Depending on your local building code requirements and the condition of your current roo'd substructure. 

Q. How long will a metal roof last?

A. Most manufactuer products are backed with a 50-year limited warranty. Actual performance however, can be well beyond 50 years. There are metal roofs that have been protecting structures for 100 plus years. 

Q. Will the metal rust or its finsish fade?

A. Metal products are manufactured from aluminim, galvanized steel, and copper. Galvanized steel is a coating that protects steel from corrosion, the cause of rust.  The roofing products are painted with a high qualtiy paint finish that is designed to resist fading and chalking. The base metal and paint finsihes meet the requirements of the "Metal Contruction Association Guide for Residential Metal Roofing."

Q. Is a metal roof friendly to the enviroment?

A. Most metal roofs have a recycle content of 25-85%. MEtal roofs may be applied over existing roof to minimize tear-off and landfill disposal. The long useful life of meal roofs means for fewer replacements over time. When the metal roof is replaced it is completely recyclable at the end of its life. 

Q. How durable are metal roofs?

A. Metal roofs have been tested, and has a natural ability to sustain itself agains Mother Nature's elements, including high UV rays, windstorms, hail, ice, and snow - all of which have the capabilities of destroying other materials. Metal roofs are also non-combustible, which offers protection from external hazards, such as wind-blown sparks or lightning. 

Q. Does a metal roof attreact lightning?

A. Lighting is attracted to the highest point - so a metal roof has no greater chance of being hit than any other roofing material. A metal roof has the ability to dissipate an elctrical charge, preventing your home from catching fire. 

Q. Are metal roofs wind resistant?

A. Most products are accepted by the Florida Building Code for use in areas where wind speeds vary from 100 to 140 miles per hour. Conact us for reccomendations if wind resistance is an important factor in your project.

Q. Is a metal roof noisy? 

A. Research has proven that metal is not any noisier than traditional roofing materials. Ona residence, metal roofing is most often installed over a solid substance, minimizing noise transfer. Attic space and insulation serve as additional sound barriers.

Q. Will hail damage a metal roof?

A. Hail can split, break, or tear off many traditional roofing materials, leading to water leaks in your home. The barious styles and finishes available in metal roofing can help camoflauge potential cosmetic damage caused by sever hailstorms. Some insurance comapnies actually provide discounts for the use of a metal roof in hail-prone areas. We offer metal roof panels that meet or exceed ipact resistance rating for roof covering. 

Q. Are metal roofs energy efficient?

A. Metal reflects up to 70% of the sun's radiation and loses its heat easily, keeping the roof cool. This results in less heat being transferred inside your home. Metal roofing gains up to 34% less heat than traditional ashphalt shingles. Cooling energy reductions up to 23% were achieved in tests on white metal roofing. (Florida Solar Energy Center).



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