cincinnati metal roofing

The Draft of the Hale Residence

This metal roofing project was done just outside Cincinnati in Batavia, Ohio. Homeowners are seeking permanency, uniqueness, and curb appeal when choosing a metal roof.

copper window awning

Copper Window Awnings

These curved copper awnings was quite the challenge. With no decking to build off of we had to precisely fabricate each piece using 16 ounce copper perfectly with one another. Then along the bottom we used a 1″ stock copper bar for reinforcement. We then installed the wall panels to the brick using lead plugs. Lead doesn’t react with copper as some metals do and also last just as long. We then finished it off with custom copper counter flashing calculating each one to be precisely even coverage depending on the curvature.  In the end, creating a beautiful addition to this already beautiful english tutor.

copper roofing cincinnati

Copper Standing Seam & Copper Finials

We are truly proud to share this beautiful copper standing seam & copper finials we had the honor of doing thanks to our friends at Hensley Homes. Using 16 oz copper we double locked all seams by hand. All materials are used in this project are copper down to the nail and clip, to deter dissimilar metal corrosion. And to top it all off a custom finial was crowned on each roof, a truly elegant look.

metal roofing cincinnati

Metal Roofing & Flashing – Indian Hill, Ohio

This beautiful home built on the outskirts of Indian Hill, Ohio by High Pointe Homes was an honor to work on. We fabricated and installed all of the metal roofing accents along with some custom flashing work around the perimeter of the home. A very challenging one indeed, with 5 arched dormers transitioning into the pre-installed shingle roof.

cincinnati metal roofing

Cincinnati Reds Metal Roofing

Thanks to our friends a Fischer Homes we were able to participate in the construction of the “Nursing Suite” inside the Great American Ball Park. We fabricated and installed the black metal roofing on the box bay seen in the picture. It was nice to be inside during one of the coldest months of the year, something we are not used to. For more information check out this article on Yahoo!

cincinnati metal roofing

Curved Metal Roofing

Thanks to our friends at High Pointe Custom Homes we got to install this beautiful curved metal roofing. Contrary to common belief copper isn’t the only metal that can be curved over a bay window. Giving a customer the opportunity to choose from any color and design, the possibilities are endless!

indianapolis metal roofing

Indianapolis Metal Roofing

Indianapolis metal roofing contracted by Fischer Homes.  We enjoyed fabricating and installing the custom box gutter in the middle to handle the immense amount of rain. Thereafter, a pre-fabricated corrugated screw-down panel was installed with an appealing and eco-friendly finish called “galvalume”. On the inside a building housing utilities and bathrooms we installed a EPDM rubber roofing. As you can see, we took extreme detail around each penetration to make certain of no leaks.

wyoming ohio shingle roofing

Wyoming, Ohio – Roofing, Siding, & Chimney Restoration

It was a honor to work on this historic home in the heart of Wyoming, Ohio. This roof was very challenging, with multiple flashings, angles, roof systems and siding. The main roof was applied with architectural asphalt shingles, and all flashing was done with copper. Along the stucco siding we used a J channel piece for a clean transition from roof to siding. On top a copper flat lock roof system was used and soldered to perfection. In front, a decorative, painted, standing seam, metal roof was installed. And finally, the dormers were re-sided with cedar wood shakes and aluminum trim. This combination of methods ensures the longest life out of your roof that you deserve. In addition, looking the most elite among our competitors.

cincinnati curved copper metal roofing

Curved Copper Metal Roofing

This beautiful curved copper metal roofing was done in the just as beautiful Village of Mariemont, in Cincinnati, OH. Hand crafted by Lee Sheet Metal & Roofing, from fabrication to installation. Each seam is double-locked ensuring complete weather protection that will last a lifetime. Lee Sheet Metal & Roofing is one of few contractors who are knowledgable enough to install this system wihtout soldering seams which results in oxidation and stains on copper roofing.