Copper Roofing

As one of the biggest importers of copper in Cincinnati and Norther Kentucky you can trust your copper roofing is done right. We are trained in centuries old techniques that last a lifetime. From double lock standing seam, flat lock, and even diamonds are just a few styles we offer.

Since as early as 3rd Century B.C., copper has been used as a roofing solution. Copper Roof panels have been chosen for their durability, ability to resist corrosion, and of course, stunning aesthetic appeal. Some copper roofs dating back to the 12th Century are still actively in use today, pointing to copper’s longevity when used as a roof panel. A Copper Roof will outlive you for centuries to come!

Copper roof panels have many appealing characteristics that make homeowners, builders, and architects choose them over other materials. One of the biggest pros of copper sheets for roofing is the attractiveness and curb appeal of the panels. Copper roofing panels have the ability to increase a building or home’s value, look completely unique, and are a stunning, aesthetically-pleasing choice for a roof.

A Copper Roof can last upwards of 100 years. Copper Roofs are one of the strongest materials on the market and are highly resistant to damage like scratches, nicks, and blemishes. Copper sheets for roofing also increases a home’s energy efficiency by reflecting the sun’s UV rays rather than absorbing them. A copper roof is lightweight compared to materials like clay tiles or wood shakes, meaning your home’s internal structure will be under less stress. A Copper Roof is also virtually maintenance-free — no need for annual power-washing, sealing, or any type of scrubbing. Since copper roof panels and copper sheets for roofing undergo a natural patina process, you will never have to repaint or refinish your copper roof.

Copper roofing has only a few drawbacks. The biggest con of a Copper Roof is the cost, which is generally higher then other materials upfront. However, most Copper Roof owners find the cost to be worthwhile as the panels will last much longer than other materials like shingles. Another con may be struggling to find a contractor/installer who has worked with copper roof panels before. Copper may also expand and contract in areas with drastically different temperatures. These drawbacks are minor compared to the endless benefits of a copper roof.

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